Calculating EffectiveOccurrences on RM

For the implementation of EffectiveOcurrences method of C_Object (AOM2), the function which calcuates the mutiplicityinterval, gets two string arguments : one is the reference model type name and the other is the path of the attribute. If the method should go through RM to find the cardinality of the attribute why it uses the attribute path instead of its name? Or it should only checks the Archetype definition to find the defined RM type of that attribute ? It is not clear to me in the document. Would you please clarify it by an example?

This is because in a differential archetype, what you have available for most constraints is the root RM type, e.g. OBSERVATION or ELEMENT or similar, and a path at which the constraint is (see here in ADL2 spec).

Note that a single attribute is a valid ‘path’.