Calculated fields and dependent fields

I have found two situations in openEhr archetype model that I cannot find a defined specification for them;
1- When a defined data field constraint (for example a coded text options) is dependent to other data field actual runtime value. I know that rules can check the results but I don’t know how the constraint can be set.
2-Similarly there are some fields that should be calculated based on the actual runtime values of other fields. Their definitions as rules statements is possible but there is no standard specification or I could not find it.
Any comments or guidance could be helpful.

Hi Saeed, in practical terms I think today interdependent rules and calculations are handled at the form definition level, not at the archetype or template levels, and there is no standard for that. Each provider has it’s own form definition and it’s own way of defining such inter-data dependencies.

In the specs we have an assertion model and an expression language, but I don’t think any modeling tools actually support them. Those specs could be used in some extent to define rules and calculations depending on values of other fields, but practically there is no support for that yet.

Hope that helps.


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Hi Pablo, happy new year, and thank you for your explanation. I also couldn’t find any specs in openEhr for that but I think it is required since calculated fields based on formulas and their results are part of decision making and should be recorded in EHR. We are developing an ADL2 tool that supports rule definitions and we can use rule expressions for this purpose but no place in specs. Also it is possible to include constraint dependency by applying expression rule somewhere appropriate in spec. I believe it is a valuable and not too difficult object for a developing spec.

I would be glad to have your and others opinions on this subject.


Oh, now that you mention decision making, did you check the GDL specs?