Bridging the gap between adl-designer and EHRBase

Hello all,

I’m working on integrating adl-designer with EHRBase.

EHRbase expects an OPT 1.4 as an input, while adl-designer generates OPT2. One of the features of adl-designer is to export to OPT1.4 but it doesn’t work due to a missing dependency (opt-exporter-14.jar).

So my questions are:

  • Does anybody have opt-exporter-14.jar or a working copy of adl-designer?
  • Is there a library I can use to convert OPT2 to OPT1.4
  • Is EHRbase moving towards supporting OPT2 in the coming releases?

I appreciate your help!

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Hi Anas,

AD does generate 1.4 opt files - Template->Export->.opt. We use these routinely for current CDRs. I am not aware of any compatibility issues. It also generates .oet export fiels , that currently we largely use to upload to CKM.

The ‘native json’ format that is used internally by AD is essentially ADL2.

Although we are gently transitioning to ADL2 in tooling, I suspect we are still a away off from .opt2 being supported in CDRs as this will require quite significant changes.


Ah - I just figured out that you were talking about the older version of Archetype Designer , which was open-source. I was talking about the newer web-hosted version at Archetype Designer and though not open-source is freely availaale through a social signup.

Unless you have a deep desire to build tooling per-se , I would use the current AD tooling.

In terms of conversion routines - the Archie library is probably the best bet GitHub - openEHR/archie: OpenEHR library implementing ADL 2, AOM 2, BMM, RM 1.0.4 and many tools @pieterbos would be able to tell you more.



The open source version of ADL-Designer is ADL 2/OPT 2 only. It is also far from finished, supports only a subset of ADL 2 and I think needs quite some change before it can be integrated into anything. Their last commit was 5 years ago.

Archie contains a conversion from ADL 1.4 to ADL 2, not the other way around, but it should be more than good enough for whatever archetypes you have. The functionality is integrated in the CKM and I would highly recommend using that if you need that conversion.
Converting OPT 1.4 to ADL 2 templates is currently a work in progress in Archie, unfortunately.

If you need a more up to date ADL 2 editor, just send a message, but I don’t think that’s what you need. So I would also recommend to use the hosted one as Ian mentions. If that supports any kind of sync (for example github as a backend?) you may be able to integrate it that way into EHRbase.


@ian.mcnicoll @pieterbos
Thank you both!
I need to build a tool myself. I thought there were some open source tools I could build on. But since there is no option to convert ADL2 to ADL1.4 for now (correct me if I’m wrong), Is there any library that I can use to assemble archetypes and generate an opt 1.4?

Thank you!

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@yampeku built an ADL 2 to ADL 1.4 converter. For archetypes, not opt. It can be found at GitHub - yampeku/adl2toadl14: Transforms ADL2 into ADL1.4 archetypes .


Thank you! that might come in handy.

Not sure if this is the right place to ask, but I don’t seem to find a consensus around how an opt should look like or how it should be generated. Any help is much appreciated!

Well, all OPTs in 1.4 follow this XML schema Template.xsd
There are several tools to generate OPT templates from archetypes, take a look for example at Archetype Designer

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The official stable XML schema for OPT1.4 is at this location: specifications-ITS-XML/Template.xsd at Release-1.0.2v2 · openEHR/specifications-ITS-XML · GitHub, a bit newer than the one mentioned above.