BMJ article -"Better use of data and digital offer rapid opportunities to address covid-19"

This is a very interesting paper in the latest online BMJ arguing for better use of data and digital in response to Covid-19.

Amongst its authors are Ben Goldacre, Rachel Dunscombe and Amir Mehrkar who are highly respected in the UK digital space and at least some of what they are suggesting - better computable and ‘open’ documentation of data models, guidance and pathways is absolutely in line with what we are trying to do with openEHR inc. GDL and Task planning.

“this reflects a dangerous historic tendency towards closed ways of working in NHS informatics, rather than more open approaches; and a broader longstanding failure to invest in creating a “commons of knowledge” around this applied science.”

Well worth a read - although it references Covid-19, it is the principles that are important.

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Would it be appropriate to post a link to the Apperta web site piece about your incubator work in the comments to this paper? There were no comments there, thus far, when I looked just now, so it
would be quite prominent if you felt it timely to do so. Alternatively, point to the press release on the openEHR web site, perhaps?

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Yes please I didn’t know it existed.

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