Better archetype designer add archetype not showing archetype

I imported all archetypes from CKM into better archetype designer. However when creating a breast cancer template its not providing me the tnm archetype. The archetype is correctly loaded in archetype designer see image. Any ideas?

Hi Maurice, and welcome.

The answer is quite simple.

The ‘content’ slot you have selected only allows Entry or Section archetypes, whilst TNM is a cluster archetype. Cluster archetypes are intended to be slotted into Entry archetypes.

Currently we would carry a TNM or other staging archetype within a Problem/daignosis archetype but I have seen a proposed ‘Staging’ archetype from Welsh colleagues that might act as an alternative container.

Add the problem-diagnosis archetype in ‘content’ then add TNM inside that.

It is a newbie ‘issue’ that still catches most of us out from time to time!!