Best Practices for Modeling Flags in Medication Orders within openEHR

In our EHR system, when prescribing medications, users can assign various flags to medication orders. These flags may include user-defined flags for the order as well as read-only flags for specific medications, indicating details such as authorization requirements, stock status, and special handling instructions.

Consider the workflow for prescribing chemotherapy, where flags are crucial for conveying additional information about each medication and the order overall. For example, a medication order might have a general “Attention” flag, whereas individual drugs within the order could have flags like “Authorization by senior physician required” or “Out of stock.”

In FHIR, the “Flag” resource facilitates associating such flags with corresponding resources. However, I am exploring how to seamlessly model these concepts in openEHR without necessarily having to create a new “Cluster” archetype for flags to be added to the “Medication order” and “Medication detail” archetypes.

I am seeking guidance on the following:

  1. What are the recommended approaches for modeling flags in openEHR?
  2. Would the creation of a “Flag” cluster, inspired by the FHIR R5 “Flag” resource specification and its addition to relevant archetypes (in my case “Medication order” and “Medication details”), be a viable and acceptable solution within the openEHR framework?

Your experiences and insights on integrating FHIR’s flag concept into openEHR would be greatly appreciated.

I have read the topic Supporting chemotherapy prescriptions administrations but could only deduce, that in that case, a cluster was a viable option.

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