Automatically convert webtemplate .t.json to .opt format


I have linked my GitHub account to Archetype Designer for better template versioning.

Every time I save a new version of my template, a webtemplate “.t.json” is pushed to my GitHub repository. However, I need the .opt template format for later use and I want to avoid exporting the opt file manually from Archetype Designer for every new version.

Is there a way to change the configuration in Archetype Designer. Or any available tool to convert .t.json to .opt template format?

Thanks for your help

Hi Kat,

Right now, no - you need to export the .opt manually, unless you are a paid customer of Better with a local hosted version of AD where there is an option to upload the .opt directly to a CDR.

I’d suggest that you probably don’t want to export an .opt every time you change the t.json files - we would only recreate the .opt when there is a signifcant need e.g from update, api update. THere is a lot of modelling churn in AD that is probably best kept there and not always reflected in a new .opt.

Having said that, I agree it would be nice to be able to generate new .opts and other export formats in bulk or as a more auomated process.

Thank you for your answer Ian!

I would expect that there might be an available open-source tool for doing such a conversion between template formats? I couldn’t find much on GitHub repositories so far that could help. But thanks anyway!

Both EhrBase and Better have open source code for converting .opt to webtemplates and example compositions but not for ‘native json’ to .opt