Automatic openEHR Template Tester

So I’ve come up with a testing tool to autogenerate forms for an openEHR template and test it against EHRbase. The report includes the template opt, the different FLAT compositions and screenshots from the UI that generated the composition. You can see at a glance which compositions passed and which ones failed. I thought it’ll help the community come up with better examples and test cases.

It’s currently read-only for people without a login, but I’d be happy to provide a login to some community members. You could also send me a template and I will send you back a link with a report like the one above. I’m mostly doing this to improve the reliability of forms autogenerated using medblocks-ui, but it might also serve as a testing bed for openEHR CDRs.

I’m also looking to test this against other CDRs like Better and EHR.DB. Is there any way to do this? Since EHRbase is open-source, I wipe out the database before every test run. However, I’m not sure if this is possible with the other vendors.


Hey Sidharth,

you madman! Pretty cool stuff, this will be super helpful to get our flat implementation ready for production and may also be a great tool to help create examples for frontend devs and as you said for conformance testing :slight_smile:

Great work and my team would surely be happy to get access