Archie 1.0.0 released - OpenEHR Java Library

We’re pleased to announce that we have released version 1.0.0 of the Archie library!

Archie is an open source Apache 2 licensed library written in Java that implements several openEHR specifications: the Reference Model version 1.1.0, Archetype Object Model and ADL 2.1.0, BMM and many tools to work with it, including parsers and serialisers to standards compliant JSON, XML, ODIN and ADL 2, Archetype validation, OPT 2 generation and more.
It can and is used as a basis to develop openEHR applications, including modelling tools, CDRs, client applications and more.

The archetype part of Archie works with ADL 2 only, but Archie does include a converter to convert ADL 1.4 archetypes to ADL 2 - in fact the openEHR CKM uses Archie to do their conversion.

Archie is an initiative of Nedap Healthcare and maintained by Nedap Healthcare. It is becoming more and more of a community effort, with contributions from Better Care, the EHRBase team, Thomas Beale and others.

Archie can be found at GitHub - openEHR/archie: OpenEHR library implementing ADL 2, AOM 2, BMM, RM 1.0.4 and many tools

This update brings an addition to the validation of RM data, making validation work with archetype slots. In the last 0.18 and 0.19 release we released validation of the invariants in the RM, the addition of the openEHR terminology files, better test coverage, more extensive rule evaluation and some API changes that make Archie more intuitive to use. This means Archie has reached the milestone of no longer having any major omissions in the main standards it implements, meaning it has now reached version 1.0.0.

Archie is already being used in various projects, including at least the Nedap and EHRBase CDR and SDK, the modelling tools of LinkEHR and Nedap and probably quite a lot more places that we do not know of.

Of course, this seems news mainly for developers. But if you happen to ever edit ADL or AQL files in a text editor, we have also integrated Archie version 1.0.0 in our openEHR Visual Studio Code Extension. It transforms Visual Studio Code into a full openEHR modelling and query building tool, including highlighting, document outlines, hovers, archetype validation, OPT 2 generation, example data generation and AQL code completion. It can be found at OpenEHR ADL & AQL support - Visual Studio Marketplace , or just open an ADL 1.4 or 2 file in Visual Studio Code, and it will prompt to install it.


Congrats! :partying_face:


Congratulations! Archie is really a big asset for EHRbase and we truly enjoyed the collaboration whenever we had the opportunity to contribute to it! Keep on the great work!


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A huge moment for openEHR - congratulations and much appreciation, Pieter - to you and your colleagues, and all who brought Archie this far.


I’ve posted this to openEHR website community news @pieterbos - let me know if you’d like me to amend anything.


Congratulations! Great work. Keep up the good work for #openehr!


Installed the VSCode extension - works like a charm :grinning:
Thanks Pieter


Congratulations! Well done.