Archetype instances

Apologies if this is in the wrong forum…

As I am delving deeper into my understanding of archetypes, it would be really good to see some example instances of data represented by archetypes (rather than just the Archetype ADL).

Does anyone know of any publically available archetype data that I could reference?



One thing to note: ‘instances’ are invariably of templates, not archetypes, since archetypes are never instantiated on their own. However, many templates (usually of Compositions) contain just a single archetype (maybe reduced form), e.g. lab test templates etc.

One resource that may be of interest (this is adapted from the EhrBase implementation):

  • conformance test data sets (Github) - many of these contain errors of course, for obvious reasons. The corresponding test schedule (still under construction) is here (second link);

I think the EHRServer platform may have an online test instance generator - @pablo will be able to say more.


Thanks @thomas.beale just what I was looking for.