Archetype Designer connecting to Ontoserver with login via Azure Active Directory?

Hi all

I am trying to configure Archetype Designer to use NHS Scotland’s Ontoserver.

I can set this up using the settings:

but access is limited, e.g. you cannot see SNOMED CT code system, which is not a great help.

To access the full production server via the web I log into the server using my AAD login, but there is no way to pass or enter this login in Archetype Designer to let me access the full resources.

I suspect this is not a fixable problem right now, which in turn is something of a blocker for me doing useful work.

Unless any of you know different?


Just add a /

Thanks Ian, I don’t think this fixes it.

Talking to the Ontoserver people it seems there is an authentication layer implemented to secure access to SNOMED content. This is maybe a design decision, to comply with the license, but equally may not be needed. I will explore further.

Otherwise Archetype Designer does not have a way to enter authentication credentials for the terminology server.

So, am a bit stuck right now :frowning:

Yes - I’ve come across this before . I’ll raise it with @borut.fabjan

I have raised a CR re Archetype Designer but I suspect it might be quite tricky to support the more complex forms of authentication and it would be much better if auth was not needed for read-only access.

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Yes, I agree. I will make that suggestion when I raise a support ticket with out Ontoserver team.

It’s a bit of a design decision.
For a SaaS service, you probably don’t want users to store 3rd party service credentials within AD :wink:

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