Archetype dependencies in the CKM

Is there a way to display archetype dependencies in the CKM?

Like, if I’m on archetype A, which archetypes are used from A and which archetypes use A.

When I say “use”, it would be:

  1. any specializations/generalizations
  2. there is a slot somewhere that matches the archetype ID (I know for the .* archetype slots, any archetype of the SLOT rm_type will match, but there are also more explicit slots)


Ping @sebastian.garde

See Related resources in CKM e.g.

Fixed explicit slots are very rare in CKM archetypes - examples are in

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Thanks @ian.mcnicoll that is what I was looking for!

Thank you @ian.mcnicoll (I have no idea why I did not get notified of either of the first two messages despite watching every post in this category and @pablo even pinging me explicitly…)