AQL query builders

There were some online tools in the past (mostly commercial tools) that allowed to create AQLs from a set of archetypes/templates, but they are no longer available as far as I know. Are there any available AQL editors?
Any products, demos, or proof or concepts that could be used for editing AQL? (apart from the visual studio plugin)

Hi Diego,

we made an open source implementation of an AQL Editor backend which is being used for our national COVID-19 platform.

It provides an AQL object model which can be used to define AQL queries in a web-based frontend and REST services to resolve this into AQL statements (and vice versa to some extend).

Building a frontend for this should be relatively straight forward and I guess would be highly welcome in the community

Please see here: GitHub - ehrbase/aql-editor-backend

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Though it it only works with the Ehrscape /query.

Work in progress in a wee fork to make this work with Canonical Rest /query

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