AQL query builders

There were some online tools in the past (mostly commercial tools) that allowed to create AQLs from a set of archetypes/templates, but they are no longer available as far as I know. Are there any available AQL editors?
Any products, demos, or proof or concepts that could be used for editing AQL? (apart from the visual studio plugin)

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Hi Diego,

we made an open source implementation of an AQL Editor backend which is being used for our national COVID-19 platform.

It provides an AQL object model which can be used to define AQL queries in a web-based frontend and REST services to resolve this into AQL statements (and vice versa to some extend).

Building a frontend for this should be relatively straight forward and I guess would be highly welcome in the community

Please see here: GitHub - ehrbase/aql-editor-backend



Though it it only works with the Ehrscape /query.

Work in progress in a wee fork to make this work with Canonical Rest /query

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Any update on this topic? Any free new tool on the horizon or a frontend for the two backend mentioned?

about the EHRBase backend GitHub - ehrbase/aql-editor-backend.
I followed the instructions and compiled successfully obtaining a jar, but it is not runnable. It misses dependencies and main class. Any hint on how to fix the issue?

about the the better aql builder better-ui-components/projects/aql-builder at aql-builder · better-care/better-ui-components · GitHub
Is it compulsory to buy a Better license for their CDR in order to use it or it works also without it ?

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I agree it would be very welcome with an opensource AQL editor.

@birger.haarbrandt and @stefanspiska it looks like the swagger-ui link points to localhost, could you fix that to something browsable or illustrate the API some other way?

It looks like the GitHub - ehrbase/aql-editor-backend is in Java so perhaps the logic/validation could stay on the backend and a simple protpotype frontend could be whipped up via a combination of in GitHub - jstachio/jstachio: Java type safe statically compiled mustache templates sprinkled with some where extra frontend event-logic is needed? Such a setup would be pretty easy for people to extend/experiment with.

Perhaps a nice student/intern project for somebody?

Hi Giovanni,

It is not tied to the Better CDR from a technical or licensing POV but it does use the Better Ehrscape version of the upload /template call and /query call which are different from the canonical REST API equivalents.

I had a look and it is pretty easy to write an adaptor to make that talk to a canonical REST /template POS but the /query call is more tricky as it uses a different Resultset format to power the visualisation of the response.

I’m pretty sure that is also convertable but would need a smarter coder than my clinical hacker skills allow!!

Thank you Ian
To tell you the truth, I’m more interested in the query building than its actual execution and retrieval of the results.

Probably not what you want. But there’s aql editors for visual studio code in its store.

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Thanks @joostholslag , but in fact I was aware of them and I have already those plugin installed in my visual studio code. I was looking for something more helpful in the building of the query.

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