Apnea, arrest monitored in ICU

I am working on capturing data from ICU monitors/sensors and wondering how to record “apnea” and “arrest(asystole)”.
They report “apnea” by respiration pause with duration(sec) and frequency(/hour), as they are monitored in such as C-PAP, capnometer or apnomonitor. At first, I thought this should be described with OBSERVATION.respiration archetype, but did not fit well.

I also wondering a similar case, how to record “asystole” (duratio/sec, frequency/hour) in cardiac monitor and holter ECG.

Would you give me some suggestion?



I see some strong parallels between this question and some of the modelling we were doing related to mechanical ventilation (still evolving) - eg an OBS to record the relevant (I guess clinical) downloadable device parameters.

I don’t think that this fits within the OBS.respiration archetype (or ECG OBS) and really does reflect the device’s observations of duration and frequency etc that would often not be witnessed, much less recorded, by a human. The context of observation is really important here.

Do you have access to the device outputs?

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