Anyone using XML for ADL/AOM 2 Archetypes?

We recently discovered there is no current single standard XML format for ADL 2 archetypes, but instead there are several around. The Specifications-ITS-XML has a schema, but it is incomplete.

Archie currently has an XML Serialization, which is complete, but has some small mistakes in OPT 2 and other_metadata, and some type names aren’t correct.

We are trying to get to a single standard format. Which is mainly possible if people are not already using several at the same time.

So, I would like to know: does anyone currently use XML serialization for AOM 2/ADL 2 archetypes? If so, which format do you use?

Please note that this question is NOT about the reference model, the currently used OPT 1.4 or ADL 1.4, but specifically ADL 2 archetypes represented in XML only.


While LinkEHR can serialize and parse XML 1.4 archetypes, I believe this was developed prior of having a schema. Furthermore, I’m quite confident this hasn’t really been used in general.