Anyone presenting at/going to MIE2020 Geneva?

Just wondering who is going to this or better still has a paper to present.

I am still deciding whether to go or not … persuade me!!


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I’m going! I’m not presenting, but John Meredith is.

I am. And he knows! @ian.mcnicoll is co-author :rofl:


For info, current plans for me are to arrive Tuesday morning in time for some of the workshops etc, flying from Heathrow on the first flight of the day. Cardiff sucks and Bristol has patchy flights… May not be there first thing but then I will be staying until Friday afternoon. I have booked the gala dinner too so will be there Thursday evening, hob knobbing etc… :joy: I don’t know when I am presenting my paper yet, “Defining the Contextual Problem List”.

My AirBnB is in the Servette area, about walking distance from the Conference Centre. Was unsure about the old town - never been to Geneva so was blindly looking at a map :wink:.

ok doke - I have taken the plunge and registered. Just got to figure out trains now!!

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I went there in 2016. Fantastic venue and catering :sunglasses: As the program was also fine, you will likely not regret it

The sessions have been published:

Wednesday. Room 2. The only place to be :sunglasses:

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