ADL2 sample archetypes for testing archetype designer tools

I need a few specialized ADL2 archetype samples for testing my developing designer tool. I appreciate if anyone can provide me with a few specialized adl2 archetypes that covers most specialization scenarios.

Hi Saeed! You can import any ADL 1.4 archetype (for example from into Archetype Designer (Archetype Designer), and export it as ADL2 (“Export as adls”).

Good to know you are developing a designer tool supporting ADL 2. If you need acces to our internal ADL 2 modelling tool to generate examples, just send a direct message.

GitHub - openEHR/adl-archetypes: ADL test, reference and example archetypes contains quite a lot of sample archetypes that demonstrate the example. GitHub - openEHR/archie: OpenEHR library implementing ADL 2, AOM 2, BMM, RM 1.0.4 and many tools contains some more in its tests. The CKM also has the option to download all its archetypes in ADL 2 form, although there is not that much use of specialisation in there.

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Hi dear Pietro

Thank you so much for your email. It will be very helpful for our development team. We are developing an ADL2 based archetype designer tool in c#. The parser is based on ANTLR4. We already developed the parser and AOM2 and test it by converted adl2 from adl 1.4 files in CKM. But for testing flattening process we need specialised archetypes.
I am sure comparing our development with yours could help us to correct them accordingly. After refactoring and testing we are going to release it in guithub.
We are also developing a DDR (Demography data repository) base on openehr Demography model supporting ADL2. The first release, we suppose, to be in two months.

Best regards