ADL support for IDEs

Hi all, I would like ADL support in Sublime. Especially color support, syntax checking and auto complete. Came across this: this would make a potential implementation availabe to lots of IDE’s.
Do other people have the same wish? I can’t build it myself unfortunately (lack of dev skills). Would anybody be interested in building this? @pieterbos maybe?
Since you’ve built something like this for our custom archetypeditor:

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There used to be a few ADL syntax colorisers listed on the website, but I can’t see these now. @thomas.beale - did we keep these from the old website?

For info there is also an AQL syntax coloriser at

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I have an ADL 2 syntax highlighting mode for the javascript-based ACE editor that I can share if there’s any interest.

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There’s a whole stack of editor syntax highlighters, right here on the wiki. @pieterbos - feel free to pin your ACE mode there.

ADL is also a mode I added to Pygments syntax highlighter project, which is how ADL gets colourised in the openEHR specifications - this might be useful for any other tools that use Pygments.

Would be great if anyone had a AQL syntax highlighting :slight_smile:

You might be able to adapt this from Better.

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Ah cool, “overread” this :slight_smile:

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I did a little test, and with a language server one could do things like syntax validation, code completion, validation errors, document outlines and quite a lot more. As in full IDE support for archetypes without actually writing an IDE.

I have a very very small prototype that does rough document outlines for an archetype, plus it shows ADL syntax errors in the editor. If anyone is interested in actually doing this, send me a message and I can open source the code.

What a language server cannot currently do however, is highlighting code :slight_smile: