Adding simplified (flat JSON) paths in exported Excel representation?


Would it be possible to add another column in the Excel-files that are currently possible to export based on a template in archetype designer? It would simplify some integration work.

A simple stupid example of current format is attached for curious readers.
test2.xlsx (6.3 KB)

So what I am asking for could for example be added as a new additional last column (K) and contain the kind of path format used in simSDT format – the same that is also implicitly provided if concatenating ID-fields in the structure of the “web template” export format as described in: 2.5. Step 4: Load Data — EHRbase documentation

I’d support this Erik. Indeed adding the concatenated wtPaths to the Web Templates alongside the aqlPaths would be seriously useful.

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…turning on line breaks in column F (Data type) by default helps readability, you then in the current format see texts like these:

> Regular [The pattern is regular.]
> Irregular [The pattern is irregular.]

Another helpful addition for hackers/integrators would be to add the “at”-codes in column F (Data type) to get something like the “technical” view in CKM…

> at0006::Regular [The pattern is regular.]
> at1028::Irregular [The pattern is irregular.]

…or something similar.

Or even Better for implementers/integrators, emit a YAML-parsable thing like this in column F:

  at0006: Regular   # The pattern is regular.
  at1028: Irregular # The pattern is irregular.
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Even better use the compressed forms like
local::at0006 | Regular | [The pattern is regular.]
local::at1028 | Irregular | [The pattern is irregular.]

Which is also close to the SNOMED CT way of documenting termcodes and rubrics