ACTION.medication_management / method

Just working on an exercise using Medication Mgt ACTION archetype…
I see that ‘administration method’ is just a DV_TEXT. I would have expected a CLUSTER, since you might want to say something that needs a few bits of information. E.g. in chemotherapy:


  • type = infusion
  • duration=1:30

I don’t think it would be hard to come up with other examples where more than just a text or coded text was needed.


Its a complex area. Some administrations have to be witnessed too.

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Better Meds uses a Dosage Cluster archetype to capture these elments inside ACTION.medication

Adminisitration method would be ‘infusion’

This doesn’t seem quite right to me. Shouldn’t the items Timing, Administration rate, Administration duration and method be in a group under ‘protocol’. I find it strange that those items are inside the ‘dose’ part.

Sorry to be picky…