4th openEHR Asia summit

Hi everyone,

The 4th openEHR Asia summit was held on April 29, 2021, hosted by Professor Xudong Lu (@lvxd) from Zhejiang University, Hangzhou. Many thanks to Professor Shinji Kobayashi (JP) for initiating the event and to all of the presenters who shared their knowledge and experience so generously.

I am pleased to be able to make the proceedings from this summit available to the broader openEHR community.

The link to the entire video is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q29fUAmmlLo

There were 6 presentations:

  • Archetypes in the real world - Dr @heather.leslie (AU) starting at the 00:01:40 mark of the video
  • ICU data standardization with openEHR models - Prof. @ShinjiKobayashi (JP) starting at 00:30:56
  • Stroke data standardization with openEHR models - Prof. Zhao Dongsheng (CN) starting at 00:55:50
  • CODEX, EHRBase & FHIR-Bridge - Christian Chevalley @christian (TH) starting at 01:18:24
  • Fast and Interactive User Interface generation using openEHR and Web components - Dr @Sidharth_Ramesh (IN) starting at 02:01:22.
  • Computerized Interpretable Guideline Builder based on openEHR archetypes/templates & EL - Dr Shan Nan @Shan (CN) starting at 02:25:56

Iā€™m hoping we might be able to arrange a separate upload of each presentation to YouTube at some point in the near future. In that case, we will update this post with the individual links.

In the meantime, enjoy :sunglasses:

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Thanks for posting, Heather

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