204 No content while creating EHR ID

Hey all,

When i am trying to create EHR id using postman i am getting the following error 204 No content.
I have attached a picture below for your reference.

Kindly let me know why i am facing this issue.

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Aravindh RN

@ian.mcnicoll @Sidharth_Ramesh @sebastian.iancu

This is not an error. 204 is a success but the call is configured to return no content. The ehr id that is created is returned in the Etag header.

And yes, i agree this is confusing for newbies.

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Hey @ian.mcnicoll,

Thank you for the response, How can i get it in the body? what are all the headers to be used? in order to get that?

I have given Prefer=return=representation, Content-Type=application/json,
and in body i have given the below request;

“archetype_node_id”: “openEHR-EHR-EHR_STATUS.generic.v1”,
“name”: {
“value”: “EHR status”
“uid”: {
“value”: “8849182c-82ad-4088-a07f-48ead4180515::openEHRSys.example.com::1”
“subject”: {
“_type”: “PARTY_SELF”
“is_queryable”: true,
“is_modifiable”: true

When i post it gives me 405 Error.

Hey @ian.mcnicoll ,

Thank you for the help. Now i can able to get the response in body.

I have exported Archetypes from Clinical knowledge manager. And uploded into the Archetype Builder and created a templates and have exported the templates now. Then have installed the EHR Base and have Posted the Templates using Rest Api. Now i have created the EHR ID too. I have created a XML composition using EHR Tool builder using my opt file.

What is the next step? How can i enter different Patient datas like Spo2, weight Etc. that i have created using templates and store it in the server? I have used Many EHR before but all EHR have a front end built ui so that we can enter the patient details and get the details through Rest API end point using patient uuid. So it takes me some time to understand about Open EHR.

Kindly can you give me a quick Intro reg Open EHR and the Workflow? Also after creating patient datas I am intrested how FHIR bridge works and how can we take the Patient details through FHIR.

@sebastian.iancu @Sidharth_Ramesh

Hi @Aravindh,
I cannot help you on this, as I don’t have in-depth knowledge and experience with EHRbase implementation of openEHR. I can only comment on general openEHR specifications, including REST API - published at EHR API openEHR specs.
You can continue to ask here questions, others with EHRbase knowledge might respond - or if you found a bug or have an issue, you could also try to report it at GitHub - ehrbase/ehrbase: An open source openEHR server, and hopefully the team will help you further.

openEHR is not a full-stack EPR, so you will have to find or build your own application stack to talk to the EhrBase CDR via the SDK or REST API.

Have you looked at Medblocks for some simple UI partially generated from templates? https://medblocks.org/

I can’t help with FHir Bridge I’m afraid as I have no experience there.

Hey @Aravindh, welcome to the community.

As @ian.mcnicoll has stated, you will need to build your applications on top of the openEHR APIs.

Here’s how I’d suggest you approach this:

  1. Make a Template using Archetype Designer - Archetype Designer. Get the OPT and upload it in your EHRbase instance.
  2. Use the Template Example endpoint (ehrbase/rest/ecis/v1/template/{{templateId}}/example) on EHRbase to get example compositions for the templates you upload. This will give you a decent idea of what data needs to be entered. Note that most of these fields are optional.
  3. Build your application to output these compositions. You can explore a solution like Medblocks UI. You can find a full end-to-end tutorial here - Building Clinical Apps with openEHR - Medblocks Wiki

Feel free to explore this playlist - openEHR playlist - It includes some content from the openEHR course except without the practical exercises.

Also, for building forms, you can use the VSCode extension with a web template.

You can also ask ChatGPT to generate some of the forms for you using Medblocks UI given a Web Template, but it’s not 100% accurate and needs a little bit more training before you can autogenerate forms from a template.

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