The Swedish openEHR platforms and tools RFI 2023

Hi Amanda,
In Region Uppsala , following our involvement in the RFI, we worked on a prototype project using openEHR. The artifact was a self-reporting lifestyle questionnaire (hälsoenkät), which is used nationally with the aim to improve health and prevent cardiovascular diseases and diabetes type 2. This project was completed earlier this year, and we are currently in discussions on our next steps. We are participating in several Vinnova projects that will include openEHR. Concurrently, we are working on developing competencies and building our knowledge base in openEHR, OMOP and FHIR.


@Asa_Skagerhult and I will mention some of the activities in a talk at the Vitalis conference this week, below you find a preview of the slide about that. A rough translation would be:
What did the RFI 2023 participants do next?

  • Region Östergötland, Region Uppsala, Karolinska University Hospital, Region Kalmar County, Region Jönköping County… …exploring openEHR within the Vinnova project ASHA 2023-2027* (where Linköping University, PredictMe and Cambio also participate) Link: Använda standardiserade hälsodata som accelerator för att stärka innovation och framtidens hälso- och sjukvård | Vinnova
  • Region Skåne will do a proof of concept in 2024 with a focus on lab results In 2023/2024,
  • Region Stockholm + Gotland started a procurement coordinated by Karolinska University Hospital. [The original topic of this Discourse discussion thread]
  • An idea was born regarding the possibility of national procurement [e.g. framework agreement to be used by interested regions/municipalities/authorities] of platforms (plus utilities/accessories) for standardization (openEHR, Snomed CT, FHIR)

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