Scores or scales with mixed data types or explicit NULL values

Hi Silje, Thank you for your answer!

For the score I’m modelling (Delirium Observation Screening Scale = DOS) I don’t need to distinguish between null_reasons. So, I think I can still use the solution #1 you described:

  • Using DV_ORDINAL for the two values per element/characteristic to be evaluated
  • Using the RM attribute ‘null_flavour’ ‘unknown’ if the user has not been able to score this characteristic.
  • Restricting the RM attribute ‘null_flavour’ to ‘unknown’.

I can’t prevent compositions with an ordinal value and the RM attribute ‘null_flavour’ set to ‘unknown’ for the same data element from being validated by the openEHR REST API, but at least the DOS scale can be modelled using your solution #1 this way.

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