RM Change requests with Clinical relevance

There are a few Change requests being discussed by the Specifications group which need input from Clinical modellers. I’ll post these with ‘archetype’ and ‘rm’ tags but perhaps it merits a specific sub-topic? Right now these are all Change Requests, so just proposals up for discussion. I’ll add the links here as I post them.

  1. Add time_asserted to EVALUATION class

  2. Add suspended → scheduled transition to Instruction State Machine
    Allow a currently suspended order (e.g. a medication, suspended due to surgery) to be scheduled for resumption, without having to transition through active. Being discussed here already.

  3. Facilitate ACTION with unknown date
    There are some situations where an Action.procedure archetype is appropriate to record a historical procedure but no data is or can be provided. There is a ‘technical solution’ proposed, involving setting magnitude_status but I was concerned that this is just too obscure to be used correctly or understood clearly by less experienced modellers or developers.

Probably a good idea to have a sub-topic under Clinical, just as “CKM publication”.