New Swedish openEHR platforms and tools RFI

Region Östergötland is making a Request For Information on openEHR platforms and tools. We are really happy to tell that it is done in collaboration with several other regions, which means that the 4 or 5 largest healthcare regions in Sweden are part of this RFI!

Region Östergötland has the intention to proceed with a procurement after this RFI. The other regions will soon state whom they are along with their individual goals.

The planned official announcement date for the RFI is April 14th 2023, and it will be done through a procurement platform. Planned deadline for answering is April 28th. The RFI also includes an invitation to contractor demo sessions that will be held digitally on May 31st , June 1st and June 2nd (with a back-up demo day June 5th).

Details on the demo sessions will be included in the RFI announcement. This page is updated when there is more information to share.

If you have any questions, please send an email to

Åsa Skagerhult , on behalf of Region Östergötland & collaborators


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