How to set external terminology validation

It’s definitely as you suggested, with in the terminology id. Now it’s working for me!
Many thanks for your time Ian!

Ooops!! Well spotted.

Have you tried querying that data back?

Yes, I have been able to query the data!

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Can you post the AQL? Just curious!!

I have done it like this:

Query<Record2<UUID, String>> query = Query.buildNativeQuery("select  e/ehr_id/value, o/data[at0001]/events[at0002]/data[at0003]/items[at0004]/value/defining_code/code_string from EHR e contains COMPOSITION a [openEHR-EHR-COMPOSITION.externalterm.v0] contains OBSERVATION o [openEHR-EHR-OBSERVATION.externalterm.v0]", UUID.class, String.class);`
List<Record2<UUID, String>> result = openEhrClient.aqlEndpoint().execute(query);
result.forEach(res->{System.out.println(res.value1() + " "+ res.value2());});
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