FHIR RDF and openEHR

Just came across FHIR RDF and read through the documentation page. It looks like a shared common and generic way of describing FHIR resources. What would be the analogy for openEHR archetypes?

I’m pretty sure at least 2 different research groups tackled this long time ago. Look for papers from Catalina Costa and Jesualdo González breis from Murcia Unicersity and Leonardo Lezcano

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I heard about OHDSI’s OMOP Common Data Model too. I’m not sure what it is but from what I read the overview, I think it has some similarities with openEHR.

Does anyone have comparison between them?

I must have overlooked this. In 2016, I made an RM 2 OWL converter based on the work of Lezcano. By no means production-ready but it was a nice was to execute SPARQL Queries (and SWRL) on openEHR data along with SNOMED. The main shortcoming was that transformation was done on Archetype and not Template level (ignoring name constraints and terminology bindings in the template).

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I can be wrong, but as far as I remember Murcia university transformation was also archetype-based

The big difference was that their approach used individuals in OWL for the archetype conversion which prevented me from creating instances. Lezcanos approach was entirely built on OWL classes which allowed to take compositions as input and create according individuals based on the Archetypes.

See this thread/topic: OHDSI - and openEHR

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Wow, thanks very much!