EHR_STATUS a locatable?

I’ve been playing with EHRbase and the REST AP{I and got an error because I had omitted the archetype_node_id and name. This was a new error - it had not occurred with previous versions but according to the example in RST this is correct - EHR_STATUS is a LOCATABLE but there are no EHR_STATUS archetypes that I know of.
What are others doing here? just putting in a dummy archetype node id??

  "_type": "EHR_STATUS",
  "archetype_node_id": "openEHR-EHR-EHR_STATUS.generic.v1",
  "name": {
    "value": "EHR Status"
  "subject": {
    "external_ref": {
      "id": {
        "_type": "GENERIC_ID",
        "value": "ins01",
        "scheme": "id_scheme"
      "namespace": "examples",
      "type": "PERSON"
  "is_modifiable": true,
  "is_queryable": true

Yes, we use a generic archetype that provides us the “openEHR-EHR-EHR_STATUS.generic.v1”, and we have constraints on ‘other_details’ so that we store some extra info need by our app.

Could you share that? By all means hide/remove the app-specific details.

Also has that part of the REST Spec or example been changed recently? I don’t recall archetype_id being in the example before?

EHR_STATUS inherits from LOCATABLE therefore needs that archetype_node_id to be filled in (as well as few other attributes).
About sharing, here are some files that perhaps help - adl1.4:

EhrStatus.v1.opt (12.3 KB) EhrStatus.v1.object.xml (1.6 KB) EhrStatus.v1.oet (1.7 KB) openEHR-EHR-EHR_STATUS.generic.v1.adl (1.3 KB) openEHR-EHR-ITEM_TREE.ehr_details.v1.adl (2.0 KB)

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