Archived status for care plan composition archetype

Care plans in our software undergo a lifecycle from, draft → active → archived.
where draft → active depend on stuff like, completeness and sometimes attestation (by other care giver and/or client). And active → archived usually is caused by changes in the clinical situation, that lead to a new version of the care plan, usually duplicated from the old one, where the old one is ‘archived’.

I know there is a lifecycle state for a versioned object. That has an incomplete status which would work for indicating draft status, and complete that works for active status. But the only other option is deleted, and imho that should be reserved for other usecases than archived. So any thoughts about adding a code for archived to the terminology for lifecycle state?

The alternative approach, would be to add a status element to the archetype, as suggested here: Lifecycle_state in EHRbase
But my current understanding is that this usecase is generic enough (relevant for many persistent compositions, and maybe all versioned objects) so it could be part of the reference model.


Just to clarify Joost: I was not suggesting adding a status element to the archetype. I was referring to the idea of having a dedicated CDR instance with more relaxed constraints on validation. I have no comments regarding what the lifecycle status of a composition in that CDR may be. I was referring to the case in which a composition is not in a state that’s valid openEHR data, but still must be worked on using an openEHR based/backed application.

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